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Our unique process

Your Goals! Our Priority!

Have You Bridged the Gap Between Personal and Corporate Finances?

Working with a client’s advisory team – CPA, financial consultants, legal counsel – we focus on identifying the client’s quantitative
and qualitative objectives:

What is the business’s value range and those issues that impact value?
  • What is the business’s value range and those issues that impact value?
    • Anticipated Net Value(s)
    • Estimated Tax Implications
    • Anticipated Transaction Fees
    • Structure Implications – Stock or Asset Transaction
    • Anticipated Value Range: Conservative, Target & Optimistic Estimates
    • Anticipated Price Differential a Strategic Buyer (Competitor) or Financial Buyer (Private Equity firm) Would Pay
  • When is the right time to sell?

  • What tax planning opportunities might meet your goals?

  • Is your business positioned properly for a potential transaction?

  • Is there a concern regarding potential impact on corporate culture?

  • What net financial results are required to meet financial objectives?

  • Who are the potential acquisition targets and what are the implications of seeking them out?

  • Is there a management team that you would like to participate in a transaction? (Management Led Buyout)

  • Do you want to sell 100% of the business? Does a partial sale or “recapitalize” of the business which the client “takes chips off the table” but retains a meaningful equity stake going forward (eg. 20% rollover)?

These and a host of other possible unique goals & objectives should be addressed in the initial stage of a transaction. There is more to maximizing value for the client than simply negotiating the highest price.

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